Academic Council

The established Academic Council of the Institution consisting of the Principal, HODs and external experts from academics and industry with established with the following objectives:

1) Formulating the Vision, Mission, Quality Policy Statements of the Institution and PEOs for the programmes offered and obtaining approval from the Governing Council for the same.

2) Preparing the academic policy document and taking approval from the Governing Council

3) Conducting periodical academic review committee meetings to review (i) the current department activities, (ii) Future Plans of the Departments


1) To advise the Governing Council on all academic matters

2) The Academic Council shall be responsible for the maintenance of the standards of teaching and examinations within the campus

3) The Academic Council shall prepare an annual report on academic and other activities of the academic departments at the end of each academic session and also prepare a report on actions taken.


1) The Academic Council shall meet at least twice a year. The Committee will organize the meet with a notice of not less than 15 days.

2) One-third of the total number of members of the Academic Council shall constitute the quorum for the meeting of the Academic Council.