Computer Science and Engineering is one of the engineering disciplines that can be integrated with any other branch of engineering. The power of computing is to harness across the other disciplines with the help of technology, logic and innovation. Presently, automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, big data analytics, etc. play vital role in decision making within any organisation.
     Computer Science Engineers can pursue career either with the software/ IT sector as well as with the hardware sector. Computer Science Engineers get employed as Software Developers, Hardware Engineers, System Designer, System Analyst, Networking Engineers, Database Administrator, Application Analyst, Applications Developer, CAD technician, Cyber Security analyst, Data analyst, Game designer. Some are also being involved in software testing which is currently having good scope in the IT industry. 
Personal Attributes
Creativity, out of box thinking, logic and imaginations are key components to be a successful Computer Engineer. If you feel that you have a passion for imaginative thinking with problem solving skills, you can pursue a degree in Computer Science and Engineering.
Major Areas in Computer Science and Engineering
Computer Forensics, Information Security, Networking, Information Technology, Web and Application development, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, Computer Programming, Database Administration, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, etc.