Online Learning

Career Development Cell of Amrita College of Engineering and Technology is engaged in promoting online learning among Faculty and Students to stay current in the rapidly changing world. Skill requirements are changing fast. Online learning is increasingly being used as a complement to University Curriculum through outsourcing the lecture by the learner allowing convenient and more classroom time for discussion and practice.

Currently, our Institution is supporting faculty and students to get engaged in real time online teaching and learning (Synchronous Learning) by giving access to the following technologies:

  1. Moodle Learning Management System  (
  2. Google Classroom – integrated with Moodle
  3. Virtual conference using Zoom and BigBlueButtonBN from Moodle

This facility is currently used fully by all faculty and students since 21 March 2020 and they are engaged as per their class timetable.

Further, faculty and students are continuously guided to engage themselves to learn from online learning service providers (Asynchronous Learning) including NPTEL courses. Amrita College of Engineering has NPTEL ( and Spoken-Tutorial ( Chapters to facilitate asynchronous online learning.

Major online learning portal services used by the staff and students of our Institutions:​​

  1. Engineering Courses – NPTEL,
  2. MOOC by MIT & Harvard University - Edx,
  3. IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial - Programming Courses,
  4. UGC MOOCs - Non-Engineering Courses,
  5. American Online Learning Platform – Coursera,
  6. Career Advancement Courses – Udacity,
  7. Udemy -
  8. Khan Academy Global Classroom,
  9. American online learning community Skillshare,
  10. Indian Secondary & Senior Secondary Courses:
  11.  NCERT (India) Books:
  12.  eBooks (India) for class 1 to 12:
  13. Learn eBooks:{%22t%22:%22learningResourceType%22,%22b%22:{%22browse%22:%22learningResourceType%22,%22filters%22:[%22learningResourceType=\%22book\%22%22]}}
  14.  Conduct Scientific Experiments virtually:
  15.  IIT Bombay – E-yantra Robotic Applications,
  16.  ios app development -
  17. UK's Open University's Open Learn,
  18. MOOC Paltform by UK - Future Learn,
  19. How-to Tutorials - Tuts Plus,
  20. Gate -
  21. Capability Development,
  22. NDL-IIT Kharagpur:
  23. Varsity Tutors:
  24. Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) outreach E-Learning Education Programme.


Dr Srikumar, Director, Career Guidance Cell, Amrita College of Engineering and Technology, Nagercoil.