Department of Science & Humanities

Science and Humanities Department is a very successful department in our Institution and it has many experienced and well qualified members of faculty. This Department is housed in a separate building with excellent classrooms, laboratory facilities and other amenities.

The department consists of several major disciplines including English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Other Engineering Departments extend their services to this department to impart in-depth knowledge to the First Year Students in Engineering Graphics, Computer Programming, Electrical Circuits, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Engineering Mechanics, Environmental Science and Engineering, etc. under the mentorship of the Science and Humanities Department

The primary objective of the department is to make the first-year undergraduate students admitted in various engineering courses to understand the basic concepts of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and other engineering fundamental courses and to enable them to improve their aptitude skills through improving their fundamental concepts of problem-solving ability of students.

Programs on creativity on Clay Modelling, Project Demonstrations, Vedic Mathematics, Personality Development, Yoga, Career Development and Counseling are arranged both by the inhouse experts and by inviting eminent resource persons from outside