The temple of the SRI BHUVANESHWARI AMMAN facing east it’s close to the main entrance of the college gives us a promising start to all the occasions and activities in our campus.

Sri Bhuvaneshwari Amman, Goddess of Earth is of Indian origin. She is the fourth amongst the tenth Mahavidya or Shivasakthi Goddess in Hinduism. She is the highest form of Aadhiparashakthi and an aspect of Devi in preventing the elements of the cosmos and giving its shape.

Apart from providing spiritual and emotional support, it also provides spiritual knowledge through its library to the grace of the sanctum sanctorum. The pleasant infrastructure of the temple gives optimistic thoughts to the staff members and students in the environment.

The temple premises also have the following Shrines and Deities:

Sri Dakshinamurthy

Sri Ganapathi

Sri Murugan

Goddess Esaikki Amman