BE - Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a wide field of engineering concerned with the planning, design, analysis, estimation, construction, and maintenance of structures, or public works, as they are related to the earth, water, or civilization and their processes. Predominantly, Civil Engineering may be regarded as the profession that makes the world a more agreeable place to live in.

The Department of Civil Engineering at Amrita College of Engineering and Technology was started way back in 2002 and has been continuing its glorious journey ever since. The department offers an undergraduate programme in Civil Engineering with an annual intake of 30 students. The curriculum, as per the Anna University Regulation covers subjects such as Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Surveying, Construction materials, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering. This programme aims to provide quality education in Civil Engineering keeping in pace with the current and futuristic demands in this field.

The faculty team of this department consists of a rich blend of experienced academic and industry professionals. This department is equipped with excellent laboratory facilities. The major laboratories include Strength of Materials Laboratory, Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Soil Mechanics Laboratory, Concrete and Highway Engineering Laboratory, Environmental Engineering Laboratory and Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CAD) Laboratory. These laboratories endowed with advanced instruments and equipment play a crucial role in imparting hands-on experience and practical skills to the students.

Students are encouraged to participate in National and International Level Seminars, Workshops and Conferences organized by Research organizations such as CECRI, SERC, and Institutes of Excellence like NITs and IITs. In order to expose the students to recent technological advances, Guest Lectures are arranged inviting eminent Scientists, Technocrats, Industrialist and Professors. Internships, In-plant training and Industrial Visits are also arranged for the students to gain practical knowledge.

This department conducts Survey Camp every year to groom our students with essential knowledge and exposure to factual work, and to encourage leadership and teamwork skills. The department has a dedicated library for the benefit of students' and staff.

Natural Club actively organizes two events per semester for the students. The department is also an annual member of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). The Department takes great pride in delivering technically competent and ethically responsible engineers to society, and it commits to continuing to do so.