Amrita Institutions provide residential facilities for both girls and boys.

The hostels are under the control of the Chief Warden. The Principals of the respective colleges are the Chief Warden, who take care of the welfare of their wards. The Chief Warden is ably assisted by Wardens and Assistant Wardens in the smooth running of the hostels. The routine at the hostels include yoga, bhajan, sports, and games.

Our hostels are a home away from home, abundantly providing the homely ambience that their inmates long for. Besides offering a safe and serene atmosphere for studies, the hostels are also places where students socialize with their peers. Hostel life gives them a new outlook to life, and moulds them into responsible and cultured citizens. Hostel inmates have ample access to indoor and outdoor sports facilities. The inmates are required to adhere to a set of rules designed for the maintenance of discipline in the premises.

Hostel Admission

Students who seek admission in the hostels should apply at least ten days before commencement of classes every academic year by submitting duly filled-in a Hostel Registration Form as well as by online application through the link

A batch-wise list of students enrolled in the different courses will be sent from the respective colleges to the wardens. This process will be repeated every semester after enrolment. Students lacking in attendance will not be enrolled in the subsequent semester and he/she shall have to vacate the hostel.

Parents/guardians must meet the wardens in person for effecting changes to information given in the Hostel Registrati1on Form.

Energy & Cleanliness

  • Energy Conservation

    Conservation of energy and resources is a major concern of the hostel system.

    Use lights only when needed. Turn off electrical equipment when not in use.

    Report any problem with electrical equipment to the hostel office.

    Use water only as necessary. Completely turn off all water taps when not in use.

  • Cleanliness

    You and your roommate(s) are responsible for the care and cleaning of your room. Rooms must be kept clean and tidy for health and safety reasons; you have to buy your own cleaning equipment for your use.

    Residents shall cooperate in maintaining common areas and premises clean.

    Deposit all waste/rubbish in the waste bins provided. Keep soiled linen out of sight.

    Discarded rags, papers must not be thrown about in the rooms, terrace or premises.

    You are advised not to leave any item like paper, soap cover, etc, in bathrooms. Use the dustbins provided.

    Empty trash into recycling bins located on the ground floor.

Personal Property

  • You are advised to take enough measures to protect your personal belongings since the authorities cannot hold the responsibility of protecting personal property of the students.
  • The college will not be held liable, directly or indirectly, for loss of your personal property due to theft, damage by fire or water, or any other cause. Please consider purchasing appropriate equipment so that your personal belongings are well protected.
  • Theft can and does occur in hostels. Protect your valuables by keeping your room locked. You are advised in your own interest not to keep money and other valuables in the open. Money, ATM cards, bank passbooks, etc. may be safely deposited in lockers available with the wardens.
  • Mark your personal property with engraving pens or markers so that you can permanently identify them.
  • Students should bring their own locks for their rooms.
  • Wardens may ask students to shift their belongings for maintenance work or during an emergency. A cloak room type facility for safe custody of students’ belongings at owner’s risk may be arranged during such times.
  • The use of equipment such as electric heaters, video systems, electrical chargers, personal computers, iron boxes, etc. is prohibited in hostel rooms.
  • Laptops can, however, be used in the hostels. A request form available with the Principal should be filled out and countersigned by the parents to seek permission to use laptop in the hostels.
  • Use of mobile phones is totally banned on the college campus. However, restricted use of mobile phones is permitted in the hostel during designated hours.

Quiet Hours

It is essential that residents are respectful of one another regarding noise levels in the hostels. All residents have the right to live, sleep, and study without disruption. Therefore, specific guidelines have been set to encourage you to be respectful of your room mates and neighbours. ‘Courtesy hours’ are in effect all hours of the day. ‘Courtesy hours’ means that noise should not cause disturbance to the occupants of other rooms or buildings. During quiet hours, noise should not be heard outside a room. Quiet hours may be extended by agreement of all inmates.

Quiet Hours

Monday to Friday: 9:30 pm – 6:30 am
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 pm – 6:30 am

Residents should not sing aloud, whistle, shout or make noise likely to cause distraction to those engaged in studies.

Residents should not loiter in the verandas..

Students shall not visit rooms of other students after 9.30 pm so as not to cause distraction.

A study hall is open for studies till midnight. Lights are turned off at midnight. This does not apply during examinations and preparatory study holidays. Request for extension of timings of the study hall may be made to the Warden.