Science & Humanities

The Department of Science and Humanities of our college is triumphant in enabling students to adapt well to higher education environment after school education. This is thoughtfully achieved by our experienced and highly qualified members of faculty. The aim of the team is not only to make the students succeed but also to make them handle emotions with the timely moral support. The focus is completely on value-based and outcome-based teaching and learning.

The Department is an abode of excellent classrooms, faculty rooms, a waiting hall, a library, laboratory facilities and other amenities. The disciplines instructed in the department are Communicative and Technical English, Interpersonal skills, Professional communication, Business English, Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Material science, Engineering Chemistry and Environmental Science and Engineering at different levels of the four year course. The curricular courses of Engineering Graphics, Python Programming, Electrical Circuits, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, etc… are introduced and deep knowledge is imparted to the novel first year students every year by the extended service of the Engineering Departments under the mentorship of the department of Science and Humanities. The primary objective of the department is to make the first-year undergraduate students admitted in various engineering courses to understand the basic concepts of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and other engineering fundamental courses thereby enabling them to enhance their communicative skills, aptitude skills, and personal and professional skills.

Every year the department organizes programs on Clay Modeling, Project Demonstrations, Vedic Mathematics, Personality Development, Yoga, Career Development and Counseling both by the in-house experts and by inviting eminent resource persons from various institutes to develop creative skills of the students.


The first semester of the four-year B.E degree program is common to all students from the various branches of engineering and technology. During the 2ndSemester, in addition to the science courses, specific fundamentals of engineering courses are introduced to equip the students with an understanding of the fundamental principles and concepts of respective engineering discipline. The major disciplines of Science and Humanities are English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.


Our English team is consistently working for the enrichment of the language and creates an eagerness to appreciate the language in its ingenuity to the students. The main focus is to improve their LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing) proficiency, proficiency in Spoken English with the Elements and Components of English language, Business English & vocabulary, Group Discussions, Interview skills, personal interviews etc. The Department meticulously trains and guides the students to excel in various competitions organized by varied organizations and also facilitates the students to perform well in GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS, GATE, BEC, and other competitive & entrance examinations.


Engineering is completely based on mathematics. There are several reasons why mathematics is important for engineers. As all the Laws of Nature are in mathematical expressions, it is rightly called the queen of science, even computers has mathematical relation, serves as the language of all the sciences. Our math team is taking stupendous effort to make the students more analytic and logic. They focus on students’ intellectual maturity. They train students in logical aspects to face all the competitive exams including GATE.


Our Physics team leads the students to apply their knowledge and also trains them for competitive exams. Physics is the subject of application every engineer needs it. In designing and constructing Civil Engineering uses the concepts of gravity, fluidity, forces and energy production. In the concepts of optics and circuits Electrical and Electronics Engineering uses the principle physics of current and resistance. The principles of molecular forces are used in industries in designing systems. Fluid motion, air flow and force and pressure principles are used in Mechanical Engineering.


Engineering means making, to make, there are numerous raw materials. It is the subject of chemistry that teaches how to treat a raw material into a usable product. Our Chemistry team helps the students to think experimentally and to create things more safe and effective. Chemistry shows its incompatibility in every aspects of daily life and this understanding among students is the faculties’ ultimate aim.